Dynamic Mind

Main Attributes

Will, Idea Force, Imagination, Formation, Creativity, Applied Knowledge, Planning, Leadership and Execution.

The Dynamic Mind is the mediator between the pure mind and vital power and dynamic energy. It plans, dreams, imagines, speculates, creatively visualizes or makes formations for the future about how to manifest or create something. The vital mind uses the resources of life to build creative ideas that further enriches life and living.  It puts out its mental will and power to strategize and to work out details of how to manifest and apply the idea into actual life and living.

The Dynamic Mind is never satisfied with the actual experience and is constantly seeking to extend the limits of experience. It is the dealer of unrealized possibilities, has a quest for new worlds and has a passion of novelty for greater satisfaction, enjoyment and for the enlargement of self-affirmation and aggrandizement. It seeks beyond what is experienced even if it be only in the imagination. In this it is useful as it takes us beyond the habitual and routine experiences and current established potentials, while at the same time it leaves us constantly unsatisfied.