Integral Development Workshop

Administrator, 2.26pm, 15th Nov 2011

Greetings and warm regards.

We wish to bring to your notice an Integral Development Workshop we are doing on December 18th 2011.

The aim of this workshop is to understand a framework of Integral Development of consciousness and the complete development of the mind, life force, body and the deeper heart. The focus is the emergence of the Deeper Heart as the leader of our lives, which guides the fulfillment of our life purpose in harmony with our unique inner nature.

Integral Education Workshop

Administrator, 2.07pm, 4th Nov 2011

Greetings and warm regards.

We wish to bring to your notice an Integral Education workshop we are doing for teachers and counselors of schools and colleges on November 27th 2011.

The aim of this workshop is to transform the class room into a space where the integral development of the students and the individuation of their inner nature are made possible. This can be accomplished only through the integral development of the teacher and the flowering of one’s unique inner nature. Detailed brochure of the workshop is enclosed.

Imparting Integral Education

Administrator, 2.37pm, 14th Jul 2011

Dear Friends,

We share with joy that the August 2011 Imparting Integral Education workshop was a deepening experience for twenty of us who had come together. We experientially explored our own holistic transformation and connected to our inner spark that reveals our true life’s work in the field of education. We also explored collective transformation towards the facilitation of the Total Development of students and the flowering of their unique inner nature. The workshop continues to live within each of us.

Swadharma Workshop

Administrator, 6.11pm, 14th Mar 2011

On Saturday, April 2nd 2011, Chennai

An experiential journey of discovering your true soul power
And your deepest aspirations in life


“Our work should be according to the truth within us,
it must be a living and sincere expression
of the soul and its inborn powers.”
Sri Aurobindo