Imparting Integral Education

Administrator, 2.37pm, 14th Jul 2011

Dear Friends,

We share with joy that the August 2011 Imparting Integral Education workshop was a deepening experience for twenty of us who had come together. We experientially explored our own holistic transformation and connected to our inner spark that reveals our true life’s work in the field of education. We also explored collective transformation towards the facilitation of the Total Development of students and the flowering of their unique inner nature. The workshop continues to live within each of us.

Our next Imparting Integral Education workshop for teachers, principals and counselors of educational institutions is on 25th September 2011. Complete details are available below.

If you think someone maybe interested in this kindly let them know about this workshop. Thanks.

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Imparting Integral Education

Workshop for principals, teachers and counselors of schools and colleges

Sunday, September 25th 2011

The aim of this workshop is to transform the class room into a space where the Total Development of the students and the individuation of their inner nature are made possible.

The education phase of a student is an important formative period where all their inner faculties and potentials can be developed. The focus today is often on the gathering and assimilation of information, success in exams and the entry into a lucrative placement, post education. What is often ignored is the full rounded development of the student – of his/her mind, life force, body and inner self.

The educational period is also the time when the individual identity of the student can form and come to the forefront. This is the possibility for the student to discover his/her true inner nature and life purpose. The purpose of this workshop is to experientially explore the process of creating a learning environment that can foster the unique flowering of each student.

The ancient Gurukul system had the capacity of transmitting knowledge and wisdom from the teacher to the student in a holistic way. In today’s modern context of education can this method of transference of wisdom and the full rounded development of the student be made possible? A lot depends on what we as teachers can hold within us, which in turn influences the students in their own development. It is not only the information that we teach that forms the psyche and personality of the students; it is who we are within ourselves which primarily influences the development of their potentials, character and attitude.

Explorative Flow of the workshop:

·  Understanding the framework of Integral Education – the complete development of the mind, life force, body and the inner self of the student. A partial development of the students leaves them unprepared to bring forth their own unique contribution into the world. The framework draws guidance from the Telos model. The Telos model is based on the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and describes the different developmental states of a human being.  (for details visit


·   Exploring the process of perfecting all the developmental states of the teacher - It is only through the holistic development of the teacher that the teacher can facilitate similar development in the student.


·   Learning the process of building a collective Integral Education culture - where all the inner faculties and potentials of the students (mind, life force, body and inner self) can be nourished.


·   Connecting to the inner spark within each of us - Each teacher is unique and there is often an inner spark that propels each one to be in the field of teaching.  Learning to connect more with one’s own spark brings forth each one’s true inner nature and full potential in the field of education.


·   Facilitating the unique flowering of each student - Nurturing a space where each student gets an opportunity to realise his/her own unique inner nature. Encouraging students, through the pursuit of the curriculum and its projects, to dwell on their life purpose – the unique mission they are here to fulfill.


·   Tapping into Intuitive Knowing - Enabling a learning environment where one masters the knowledge that is currently available and then steps beyond to tap into the domain of intuitive knowing.


Who can attend:

Principals, teachers and counselors of schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Participants can be interacting with students of any age group and could be teaching any subject.


Workshop facilitator:

Arul Dev has trained and consulted people in the area of individual and collective transformation, since 1994. An engineer from BITS Pilani, he is the Director of People First Consultants ( ), a human resources consultancy, committed to develop the deeper aspirations of people. He is the co-founder of Telos, which focuses on the evolution of consciousness of individuals, leaders and the collective group they represent. For additional details see:

Workshop Details:

Date:                            Sunday, 25th September 2011

Timings:                       9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Location:                      Adyar, Chennai


Process of Registration for the workshop:

If this workshop inspires you and you would like to attend, kindly send us an email at with the following details:

·    Your name, details of the school or college you are teaching in and the courses you are handling.

·     Some additional details about yourself for us to know you better

·     What interests you about this Imparting Integral Education workshop?

·      Would you be available to participate for the entire duration of the workshop?

Participation Cost:

We operate on the model of gift economy. We offer this workshop to you. You are free to contribute what you choose to.

Contact Details:

For additional details, Contact 9840755049 or email