Telos Model

The Telos Model is based on integral yoga psychology extensively described in the collected works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The model given here does not cover the full complexity of the integral model of consciousness mapped by them, instead, this gives only an entry-level basic model to get easy access to integral yoga psychology and its transformational practice.

The nine parts covered are grouped into two, the causal parts and the instrumental parts. The first two are causal, the Central Being beyond time and the Psychic Being evolving in time. The rest are subdivisions of the instrumental nature, Mind, Vital, and Physical. The Mind and Vital are further subdivided into three each. The parts that are results of their intermixing, eg. Vital mind, are not covered in this model for the sake of simplicity. For a detailed understanding please refer back to the original source coming from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Parts of Being

Central Being - Wisdom

Silence, Vastness, Peace, Eternity, Transcendence, Impersonality, Inspiration, Illumination, Intuition and Oneness.

Psychic Being - Inner Guide

Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Love, Delight, Gratitude, Humility, Sincerity, Surrender, Faith, Trust, Perseverance, Devotion, Purity, Sacredness, Intimacy, Goodness, Calmness, Equality and Generosity.

Thinking Mind - Mind of Knowledge

Self-reflection, Thought, Idea, Reason, Analysis, Synthesis, Values, Principles, Laws, Theories, Science, Philosophy and Vision.

Dynamic Mind - Mind of Will

Will, Idea Force, Imagination, Formation, Creativity, Applied Knowledge, Planning, Leadership and Execution.

Externalising Mind - Mind of Expression

Communication, Externalisation, Facts, Data, Measement, Objectivity, Structure, Process, Practicality, innovation, Technology, Design and Implementation.

Higher Vital - Emotional Being

Emotional Love, Affection, Empathy, Sensitivity, Vulnerability, Care, Bonding, Sentimentality, Attachment and Sorrow.

Central Vital - Energy and Power

Passion, Expansion, Ambition, Adventure, Courage, Heroism, Control, Conquest, Possessiveness, Social Status, Impatience, Restlessness, Anger, Wrath and Revenge.

Lower Vital - Sensations and Pleasure

Desire, Sensory Enjoyment, Sensual Pleasure, Physical Comfort, Fear, Temptations, Fickleness, Jealousy, Smallness and Pettiness.

Physical - Body and Stability

Self-Preservation, Health, Routine, Habits, Passivity, Inertia, Immobility, Dispersion, dullness and Resistance to Change.



Intuition, Illumination, Transcendence, Oneness
Impersonality, Knowledge by Identity

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Sense of Sacred, Unconditional love
Sense of Grace, Surrender, Gratitude, Trust

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Thinking & Dynamic Mind

Vision, Will, Idea Force
Pure reason, Philosophy, Conceptual Knowledge

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Externalising Mind

External Knowledge, External data, Sense-bound
Communication, Practicality

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Higher Vital

Love, Joy of Relationships, Empathy
Emotional Sensitivity, Emotional Care and Bonding

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Central Vital

Passion, Power, Expansion, Conquest
Achievement, Challenge Seeking, Heroism

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Lower Vital

Desire, Sensual Pleasure, Physical Comfort
Sensory Enjoyment, Fear

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Self-preservation, Persistence, Stability
Routine, Passivity, Repetition, Inertia

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