Telos Model

Self-awareness makes its presence felt within the human body and it is within the framework of the body that our experiential exploration of consciousness takes place.

Above, below, in front, within and behind are the spatial orientations that help us to navigate the fields of our individual self-awareness.

Parts of Being

Higher Self - Wisdom

Silent Mind, Vastness, Timelessness, Transcendence, Oneness, Impersonality, Intuition, Illumination, Knowledge by Identity

Deeper Self - Inner Guide

Aspiration for the True, Good and Beautiful, Spontaneous Discrimination, Delight, Inner Guide, Unconditional Love, Pure Devotion, Consecration of Works, Unconditional Gratitude, Trust, Sense of Grace, Sacredness

Pure Mind - Idea

Vision, Ideation, Ideology, Philosophy, Values, Idea Force, Intelligent Will, Hypothesis, Reflection, Pure Reason, Abstract Knowledge, Mental Synthesis

Vital Mind - Imagination

Creative Visualisation, Creative Will, Planning, Speculation, Justifying Reason, Innovation, Envisaging Change

Physical Mind - Information

Reasoning by Sensory Data, Routine Information Processing, Measurement, Validation, Classification, Communication, Practicality

Higher Vital - Emotion

Affection, Empathy, Sensitivity, Vulnerability, Care, Bonding, Sentimentality

Central Vital - Power

Passion, Expansion, Conquest, Ambition, Adventure, Courage, Heroism, Status, Impatience, Restlessness, Wrath, Revenge

Lower Vital - Pleasure

Desire, Sensory Enjoyment, Sensual Pleasure, Physical Comfort, Fear, Temptations, Fickleness, Jealousy, Smallness, Pettiness

Physical - Stability

Self-Preservation, Health, Routine, Habits, Passivity, Inertia, Immobility, Dispersion, Resistance to Change


Intuition, Illumination, Transcendence, Oneness
Impersonality, Knowledge by Identity

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Sense of Sacred, Unconditional love
Sense of Grace, Surrender, Gratitude, Trust

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Thinking & Dynamic Mind

Vision, Will, Idea Force
Pure reason, Philosophy, Conceptual Knowledge

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Externalising Mind

External Knowledge, External data, Sense-bound
Communication, Practicality

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Higher Vital

Love, Joy of Relationships, Empathy
Emotional Sensitivity, Emotional Care and Bonding

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Central Vital

Passion, Power, Expansion, Conquest
Achievement, Challenge Seeking, Heroism

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Lower Vital

Desire, Sensual Pleasure, Physical Comfort
Sensory Enjoyment, Fear

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Self-preservation, Persistence, Stability
Routine, Passivity, Repetition, Inertia

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