Integral Education


Liberating Greater Human Potential

To awaken hidden potentials in individuals the system of education needs a vision that encompasses great possibilities lying dormant in each individual.

Higher possibilities asleep in human nature can be awakened by systematic training. Ranges of human cognitive faculties can be enlarged beyond the habitual limits of the senses and the analytical and conceptual faculties can be developed beyond the linear modes to higher ranges of intuition and illumination. So is the capacity for creative and joyful action in the world developed beyond their normal ranges by opening to a greater dynamism in harmony with one's inner nature. But all this requires a deeper understanding of the human nature and it is in this field ancient India had profound knowledge preserved in various yogic traditions of Indian culture. Yoga is nothing but practical psychology said Sri Aurobindo who synthesised ancient wisdom traditions and brought new light on it from the evolutionary perspective. Telos Model based on Sri Aurobindo's teachings has been designed for an integral development of human nature and its possibilities to meet the challenges of our times.