Our sensory organs in its present stage of development can perceive only a limited range of sensations.  The visible spectrum of light, for example, is but a small part of a larger body of electromagnetic spectrum.  
The visible spectrum

In the same way, the mind and its consciousness, with its capacity for self-awareness, is only a small part of the larger spectrum of underlying consciousness.  The mind is not conscious of what is below, behind or above, its limited range of self-awareness. However, that which is below, behind and above the limited range of the mind’s self-awareness affects and moulds the way the mind perceives itself and the reality around it.

Evolution of consciousness

Beneath the mind and its self awareness, it appears that the entire evolutionary past and its unconscious processes continue to have a deep hold over the operations of the mind and its intelligence.

The human body is composed of material elements and thus carries with it qualities corresponding to the material domains, and within that framework of material processes, life has evolved and found its manifold expressions of plant and animal life force. It is within the framework of this living matter that mind has emerged. 



Mechanical forces of Nature


Matter + Life

Mechanical forces of Nature modified by the Life force


Matter + Life + Mind

Mechanical and Life forces of Nature modified by Mind and its intelligent force

Properties of matter, life and mind in their composite forms

The evolutionary process has retained all the previous layers, while adding new ones, and thus beneath the mind and its processes, there are the processes of the animal and material nature still at work unconsciously. Mind appears as an emergent faculty that is still evolving in humanity. Besides, there are other unrealised evolutionary potentials pushing towards their manifestation.  All these pushes and pulls affect the way our human mind functions.  But, for the vast majority of humans at present, there is hardly any awareness of these inherent forces acting unconsciously and often governing human behaviour. 

What humanity needs, therefore, is an awakening to the larger spectrum of consciousness that is operating and the evolutionary process at work in the Nature. The Telos Model of consciousness and its evolution, based on a synthesis of wisdom traditions, is designed for this purpose.