Map your

9 different states of consciousness in you
See how far they have developed
Learn how to develop them further


The condition in which men live upon earth
is the result of their state of consciousness.
To want to change the conditions
without changing the consciousness is vain chimera.
                       (from the Works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother)

Redefine Growth

There are two types of growth in an individual or organisation:
Scaling and Evolving. Telos is about evolving consciousness.

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What you do depends on your stage of evolutionary development governed by underlying consciousness.

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Integral Education

To awaken hidden potentials in individuals we need a vision that encompasses great possibilities lying dormant in each individual.

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What’s New

We have updated the Telos Model to Version 3.0

The diagnostic tool is still based on the Version 2.0, so please keep that in mind!