Psychic Being

Main attributes

Inner Guide, Aspiration for the True, Good and Beautiful, Spontaneous Discrimination, Delight, Inner Guide, Unconditional Love, Pure Devotion, Consecration of Works, Unconditional Gratitude, Trust, Sense of Grace, Sacredness.
At the heart of Telos Model of evolution, is the Psychic Being, the delegate of the Central Being involved here in matter and emerging in evolution through life and mind towards its greater ranges of delight of being. This may be imagined as a ray of light involved in the creation and sustenance of material form liberating itself from the grip of matter and discovering its fullness as pure light. We call this presence the Psychic Being, it is our psychological centre, the soul factor; it is the leading power of our evolutionary journey. However it is veiled by triple layers of body, life and mind - the three instrumental layers of our being, the layers that have already been established by evolution, each having its own unique states of consciousness and corresponding attributes. The impulses to evolve reveal themselves within the human being as aspiration towards all that are true, good and beautiful
The Psychic Being is experienced as seated deep within the heart region. In most outstanding individuals or groups, it is this invisible factor that provides the unique individuation and identity. It is this that provides a deep sense of purpose in life when an individual or group comes in touch with its veiled movements. Spontaneous and natural affinity towards all that is true, good and beautiful are indications of its presence. It is the inner compass orienting people and groups towards their destiny. Often leaders of groups are embodiments of this soul factor, personifying in themselves what in a group otherwise would remain subconscious and dormant. All great leaders have this capacity to touch the soul factor in group existence and this they do by coming in touch with their own inmost truth and aspiration which is one with the collective existence they lead. Leadership by inspiration is natural when the soul factor emerges. Thus the primary condition for great leadership is to come in touch with one's own Psychic Being and let it govern one's actions. When the Psychic Being comes forward and flowers in an individual there comes a deep sense of purpose, vision, certitude, trust, gratitude and surrender to something beyond, sense of grace, unconditional love and eventually the presence of the sacred. It is not the turbulent emotions and passions of the surface nature but calm and clear light of one's inmost self, pure and untouched by the instrumental turbulence.
To arrive at a greater clarity of this inner guide and its dynamic power of self-governance, individuals and groups must prepare their instrumental Nature, make it open and receptive so that the inner light shines through. It is this inner light and power that emerges as impulse towards all that are true, good, and beautiful. When attuned to this inmost aspiration, it comes forward with greater clarity and dynamic power and carries the individuals and groups towards flowering of their greater destiny as it is secretly in touch with their higher Nature and its splendours.
Recognition of the Psychic Being, the soul factor, the highest and most noble aspiration, at the centre as main governing power and reference is the beginning of individuation and its dynamic flowering. It is the central magnet that holds together everything into a dynamic and harmonious whole in the individual as well as collective life.