Central Being

Main attributes

Silence, Vastness, Peace, Eternity, Transcendence, Impersonality, Inspiration, Illumination, Intuition and Oneness.

Here we are touching upon the higher Nature and its possibilities yet to be realised in human beings or only found developed to certain extent in exceptional individuals.  We may say that our global crisis is a result of evolutionary pressure pushing us towards the realisation of these higher ranges among the wider population and thus to equip humanity with greater consciousness to comprehend and manage the emerging complexity.

In Telos model, by the word Central Being we are referring to the higher ranges of consciousness above the Pure Mind. We are using it as a broad term covering the spiritual ranges of mind - the higher mind, illumined mind, the intuition proper and overmind – and still higher ranges beyond mind -- the supramental and transcendental ranges.  This simplification is adopted because the Telos model is conceived as a doorway to begin the exploration of consciousness, and only in advanced stages further detailing is required of the higher ranges.

The spiritual mind is a mind which, in its fullness, is aware of the Self, reflecting the higher Nature, seeing and understanding the nature of the Self and its relations with the manifestation, living in that or in contact with it, calm, wide and awake to higher knowledge, not perturbed by the play of the forces. When it gets its full liberated movement, its central station is very usually felt above the head, though its influence can extend downward through all the being and outward through space. It is by rising above the head one enters first into the silence of the self or spiritual being. Initial stages of entry into the spiritual ranges of mind can give the experience of universe as an unreal dream. But it is only an early stage in the wide range of consciousness above the normal mind.

When the ordinary mind opens within to inner mind and Deeper Self, and above to higher mind and higher consciousness generally, then it begins to be spiritualised. It is also true that for the rash and unwary to enter into it may bring confusion and misleading inspirations and false voices, and it is safe to have some sure guidance from those who know and have spiritual experience.

The first stage in the transition from lower ranges of the mind to the higher ranges is enabled by establishing silence in the mind and letting thought only as a subordinate power that acts more and more like a means of expression than a means of exploration. The thinker surrenders the power of thought to forces descending from above and lets thoughts get moulded by the higher power and uses the mind only as a form-giver and expressive channel. When the mind is prepared sufficiently and becomes calm and quiet, liberated from the influences from the lower ranges of the being, it develops the capacity to reflect in its operations the higher rhythms unfolding as thought and revealing knowledge. Further, this develops into in-streaming of thoughts and inspirations that carry greater powers of revelation and knowledge that have a revelatory quality. With it also come increasing dynamic power of Will in the idea and its self creating effective power of manifestation in the world. Thought-streams eventually widen into lightning visions of intuition and illumination and downpour of Light and Power from above into the receptive mould of mind and further descends into the vital and physical ranges of the being below, bringing its greater dynamisms and effective transformations.

Lower ranges of mind

Corresponding powers in higher ranges of mind


Vision – free from sense mind




Spontaneous discernment of relations

Conclusions from reasoning

Intuitions – containing spontaneous discernment


Thought vision


Beyond present life & time, past & future

As this development continues with the Psychic Being below and Central Being above in dynamic union, the consciousness breaks out of the individual limits and expands to universalise itself in a wide embrace in which the self becomes the ground of all. One enters the universal mind, the universal vital and even the universal physical expanding, enlarging and embracing the whole towards greater integral perfection.

On this ground of cosmic consciousness of overmental ranges, the supramental ranges of consciousness and consequent transformations lays its hands. What starts out as descending rays of light from above bringing spiritual transformations, eventually leads to the descent of the full glory of the supramental sun into lower ranges of the mind, vital and even physical consciousness and compels their transformation. With it comes the triple time vision and integral movement of Knowledge, Will and Love and Knowledge by Identity.