Integral Change: A 2 day experiential lab for leaders

Administrator, 10.38am, 23rd Oct 2013

November 9th – 10th 2013, 9:00 6:00 p.m.


The ‘Integral Change’ experiential lab is about holistic change of the individual and the collective, sustained by the integral development of the leader. As leaders we are constantly faced with an enormous challenge of transforming ourselves, our teams and our organisation. This change is most often directed with a flickering light of our heart, partial clarity of the mind, wavering emotions and often with some level of stress in our body. This inner state of ours limits our capacity for a harmonious and effective transformation of the teams and organisation we are part of.

At the same time, we often feel within our hearts a yearning for a greater inner and outer life. We have a sense that we are born for a deeper purpose but are seeing only some fleeting glimpses of the actual purpose. We have this urge that we want to manifest something meaningful in our work through our teams and organisation. If this yearning is alive in your hearts then this experiential lab will be the right place to spend two days of your life’s journey.

We call this an ‘experiential lab’ as the two days is an opportunity to explore change, by actually changing and transforming ourselves during the lab. 

Core elements explored in the lab:

The lab goes beyond the leadership styles and development of competencies of leaders. It brings focus to inner states – how we can tap into and come from wholesome states that evolve our capacities and competencies as leaders. To tap into wholesome states we need to align to our purpose and transform our mind, vital energy and body. The focus is to enable leaders to make change at this fundamental level within, so that their outer actions and results naturally evolve. Towards this end we will experientially explore the below in the leadership lab.


  • Connect and align to one’s inner calling
  • Align self in all areas of life – work, family and society
  • Tune in to inner resonance and inspiration in self and others


The experiential lab is meant to rekindle in the leader an aspiration for progress – to make one’s mind as supple, wide and cohesive as possible; to make one’s vital energy as sensitive, dynamic and delightful as possible; and to make one’s body as healthy and resilient as possible to deal with the increasing demands of life and work.


  • Identify the seed pattern in self that needs to be changed, to facilitate change in the collective.
  • Uncover the positive intent behind every behavior. Honor the intent and evolve behavior.
  • Integrate multiple perspectives, honoring the individual and collective whole simultaneously.
  • Let go of boundaries, limits and beliefs that have outlived their purpose.

   Vital Energy

  • Sense emotions and energy within self directly and transform them.
  • Sense rhythms and feelings of others and balance energy in the collective.
  • Develop a calm and dynamic inner strength.
  • Contribute abundantly with sustained joy and lightness of being.


  • Develop a conscious body, a stable foundation to manifest life’s work.
  • Create conscious daily practices for transformation.


The goal of this leadership lab is to make changes that are integral, following the path of balance. Learning to make any change desired at the mind, vital energy and physical level, centered and aligned to deeper purpose– both in the individual and collective, makes the change integral. Sensing and honoring the rhythm of the individual and the collective, makes the change balanced.


The experiential lab will be centered primarily in the experiential understanding and application of integral change and evolution. We will explore the art of inner work following the trails of delight and inspiration that evolves our outer actions. At the lab, leaders will be encouraged to experience breakthroughs in areas of their work and life by connecting to their own unique purpose through inner work and processes. One-on-one coaching sessions are offered for leaders who wish to take this journey further after the lab.

Who can attend:

This experiential lab is an inner experiment with a small group of leaders holding deeper aspirations. We invite participants who embody the following qualities:

  • A flair for excellence in one’s chosen field
  • Pursuing some form of daily practice for inner development and mastery.
  • A deeper yearning to bring in the presence of Truth, Goodness and Beauty in one’s life and work.

This lab is most suited for middle and senior level managers/ leaders of organisations and entrepreneurs, who have a deeper aspiration and have the direct capacity to influence an integral change in their teams.



Arul Dev V has trained and consulted people in the area of individual and collective transformation, since 1994. An engineer from BITS Pilani, he is the Director of People First Consultants, a human resources consultancy offering recruitment services and training, committed to nurture the deeper aspirations of people. He is also the co-founder of Telos, which aims at the facilitation of the evolution of consciousness based on Integral wisdom and methods.


He has 18 years of rich and varied experience in training and coaching. His primary background comes from sensitivity based training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inner psychological processes of change, Spiral Dynamics, Dialogue based learning and Integral Yoga. He now focuses on Integral transformation of the individuals and groups – both for corporates and educational institutions. He is also a guest faculty for the ‘Self Awareness’ elective course in IIT Madras. 

Logistics and Registration Details:

Date:                            Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th November, 2013

Timings:                       9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location:                     GRT Grand, 120, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar, Chennai 600 017


Process of Registration:

Kindly send us an email at  with the following details:

  • A brief introduction about yourself and your work as a leader.
  • What interests you about the Integral Change experiential lab?
  • Do you follow any daily practices towards your own transformation? Please share briefly.
  • Would you be available to participate fully for the entire duration of the two days?
  • Your contact details.

We will be having a small group of 15 – 20 leaders. Prior registration is required.

Participation Cost:

We operate on the model of gift economy. We would like to share with you the knowledge and experience of the lab from our heart, without any cost factor attached to it. You are however free to contribute towards the experiential lab and our endeavors. If you wish, we can provide an estimate of the actual expenses of venue and logistics towards this experiential lab. We will be happy to make a receipt to your organisation for the contribution made. Contributions can be made in the name of ‘People First Consultants P. Ltd’.


Contact Details:

For additional details, Contact 9840755049 or email