Each row in the following table represents one characteristic aspect of Physical. Three columns show a gradation of each characteristic aspect. Please give a value between 0 to 10 in the right column of each row. The value can be any number that is the closest or true description of you in the continuum.

I fall sick very frequently.I fall sick now and then.I rarely fall sick.
I don't do any physical work.Sometimes I do physical work.I enjoy doing physical work with my hands regularly.
I have no interest in doing sports or any physical workouts.I do sports or some physical workouts now and then.I do sports or some physical workouts regularly.
My body is in poor shape.My body shape is ok.My body is in good shape, well built.
My body is very stiff.Some parts of my body are stiff.My body is very supple.
It is very disturbing to change my daily routines.Changing my daily routine is difficult but not disturbing.Changing my daily routines is very easy.
My personal space is chaotic and untidy and I don't bother.Sometimes my personal space is chaotic and untidy.My personal space is always clean and tidy.
I am always very drowsy when I get up in the morning.Sometimes I feel fresh when I get up in the morning.I always feel fresh when I get up in the morning.
I eat a lot of junk food which I know are not good for health.I would like to eat only healthy food, but sometimes I find it very difficult to practice.I am always very careful about eating healthy food.
My body always feels fragile and weak.My body sometimes doesn't feel very grounded and stable.My body always feels grounded and stable.
Please complete all the rows