The Soul of an Organisation

  • The soul of an organisation is its psychic consciousness which is normally veiled and acts through its outer instruments - the physical, vital and mental layers of consciousness.
  • The essential aspiration of an organisation comes from its soul, however this gets deformed as it gets translated through the outer instrumental layers of the physical, vital and mental consciousness when they are not properly developed.
  • The vision, mission and values of an organisation are translations of its aspiration.
  • Through evolutionary development of consciousness the soul of an organisation can emerge more clearly and give the organisation its unique personality, culture and strength through its leaders who are in touch with the soul.
  • Only those leaders who are themselves in touch with their own soul can embody the soul of an organisation -- the collective soul.
  • As an organisation evolves it become increasingly aware of its soul, its vision and mission in the world.
  • The more evolved an organisation is the more meaningful and delightful it is for the constituent individuals, the people they serve, and the world at large.