Scaling and Evolving

Are you just getting bigger or are you evolving?

There are two types of growth in an organisation, scaling and evolving.

Examples of scaling

  • Growth of infrastructure.
  • Growth of its financial turnover or profit.
  • Growth of the number of people in an organisation.
  • Growth of market share or the number of users it caters to.
  • Growth of the number of projects, products and services it offers.

Essentially scaling is of the growth of quantity of various tangible aspects of an organisation, the exterior objective aspect.

This may be seen as horizontal growth.

Examples of evolving

  • Increasing individual freedom.
  • Increasing sense of group identity.
  • Increasing individuation and uniqueness.
  • Increasing quality of projects, products or services.
  • Increasing sense of clear purpose, vision and inspiration.
  • Increasing ability to learn and adapt in a rapidly changing world.
  • Increasing long-term loyalty and trust from the constituent individuals.
  • Increasing presence of truth, goodness and beauty in all levels of expression.
  • Increasing creativity, self-confidence, enthusiasm and effectiveness as an organisation.
  • Increasing long-term loyalty and trust from the people and the society the organisation serves.

Essentially evolving is the growth of quality, the intangible essence, the consciousness of an organisation, the interior subjective aspect.

This may be seen as vertical growth.

Telos model is about evolving consciousness of organisations.