Devdas Menon

He is a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), Chennai, India. He received his B.Tech and Ph.D degrees from the IIT Madras.

His professional practice (teaching, research and consultancy) is in the field of structural engineering.  He has been exploring self-awareness and integral education for several decades.  He advocates a holistic approach to education and life, in which 'awakening' has a central role to play.  In this context, he teaches a 'free elective' course, 'Self-awareness', at IIT Madras, and gives talks and conducts workshops on related themes, with the support of Arul Dev and Manoj Pavitran.  

He is the author of "Stop sleepwalking through life!" (Yogi Impressions, 2004), "Structural Analysis" and "Advanced Structural Analysis" (Narosa, Alpha Science International, 2008) and "Reinforced Concrete Design" (Tata McGraw-Hill, third edition, 2010), in addition to several journal publications.  More details are available at his website: