Pure Mind

Each row in the following table represents one characteristic aspect of Pure Mind. Three columns show a gradation of each characteristic aspect. Please give a value between 0 to 10 in the right column of each row. The value can be any number that is the closest or true description of you in the continuum.

I don't read philosophy or metaphysics.I read philosophy and metaphysics but I find it abstract sometimes.I enjoy reading philosophy and metaphysics.
I am never able to see underlying principles and ideas in discussions; I am usually lost in details.I sometimes can see the underlying principles and ideas in discussions.I can easily see underlying principles and ideas in any discussions.
I don’t have any ideals or philosophies.I sometimes have clarity of my ideals and philosophies.I am constantly clarifying and refining my ideals and philosophies of life.
Most of the time I act before I understand a problem and waste lots of effort.I examine problems from some possible angles, not all possible angles, before taking actions.Before taking actions, I always reflect and examine a problem from all possible angles.
Opposing ideas pull me in different directions and I am not able to find a synthesis.Sometimes I am able to synthesize opposing ideas but eventually get lost.I can easily synthesize opposing ideas.
I avoid people who challenge my beliefs or ideas.Sometimes I like when people challenge my beliefs or ideas, but it is difficult.I enjoy working with people who broaden my thinking and ideas.
Philosophy is never useful, so I don't waste my time on such things.Philosophies and ideas need to be useful. I am a practical philosopher.I enjoy exploring ideas for the sake of ideas even if they are not applicable in life now.
My mind is clouded often lost in analysis.My mind is clear but sometimes it gets clouded by too much thinking.My mind is naturally in a state of clear thinking.
I go on repeating the same mistakes.Often I repeat my mistakes, but eventually correct them.I always learn from my mistakes and never repeat them.
It is not possible for me to stand back from my emotions, passions and desires and govern my life by reason.Sometimes I am able to stand back from my emotions, passions and desires and govern my life by reason.I always stand back from my emotions, passions and desires and govern my life by reason.
Please complete all the rows