Physical Mind

Each row in the following table represents one characteristic aspect of Physical Mind. Three columns show a gradation of each characteristic aspect. Please give a value between 0 to 10 in the right column of each row. The value can be any number that is the closest or true description of you in the continuum.

It is very difficult for me to express myself.I can express myself with some level of clarity and precision.I communicate clearly and precisely.
I cannot report or narrate anything in detail.When I give a report or narrative I capture some details and miss some.I am very good in giving detailed reports or narratives.
I am not at all methodical in my work.In some areas of my work I am methodical.I always work methodically.
I am quite shabby in the details of my work.To some extent I am meticulous in details in my workI am known for being meticulous in details.
I don't give any importance to best practices. I stumble my way through.I consider it is good to follow best practices but sometimes I don't follow them.I give great importance to best practices in work.
Mathematics is not for me.To some extent I am able to do any mathematical calculationsI enjoy mathematics.
I don't distinguish what is useful to my life and what is not.Sometimes I find out the usefulness of the activities I undertake.Before I undertake any activity I analyse it to make sure that it is useful and practical.
I don't know whether my work is done in the most efficient way.I do my work in a reasonably efficient way.I make sure that my work is done in the most efficient way.
I don't look into any factual data before making my decisions.Sometimes I use factual data in making my decisions.I always look into factual data before making decisions.
I never bother to verify anything experimentally.To a certain extent I verify things experimentally.I enjoy experimental verifications and that always keeps me grounded.
Please complete all the rows