Central Vital

Each row in the following table represents one characteristic aspect of Central Vital. Three columns show a gradation of each characteristic aspect. Please give a value between 0 to 10 in the right column of each row. The value can be any number that is the closest or true description of you in the continuum.

I have no drive or interest in life.My passion and drive for life comes only now and then.I am passionate about life and its possibilities and I am full of drive to do things.
In the presence of a strong personality I feel meek and shrink within.Sometimes I lose my inner balance in the presence of strong and powerful people.I enjoy being with strong and powerful people.
I always keep my activities small and within my comfort zone.I take risk in my work only if I am forced to take risk, I don't enjoy it though.I enjoy risk taking in my work and have no difficulty in going beyond my comfort zone.
I shrink from public attention, I have stage fright, I avoid it.Sometimes it is difficult for me to be on stage, or to be in public attention, but I can manage.I enjoy being on stage or getting public attention.
When challenged I prefer to withdraw than assert myself.When challenged I often get upset, but I don't give up.When challenged I have no difficulty in asserting my convictions.
It is very uncomfortable and disturbing for me to do things fast.I do things fast only when I am under pressure.I enjoy doing things as fast as possible. I enjoy speed.
I get always very restless and agitated when my energy level is high.Sometimes I get restless and agitated when my energy is high.I have high energy always, but I remain calm and steady.
It is very difficult for me to get things done through others or lead a team. I avoid it.Sometimes it is difficult for me to lead teams and get things done through them.I enjoy leading teams; it is easy for me to get things done through my team.
I am not adventurous; I prefer to be safe and comfortable.Only when there is good support I go out of my comfort zone and be adventurous.I love adventure, have no difficulty in facing discomforts and great difficulties.
I am afraid of fighting and avoid it always.Sometimes I fight when I cannot avoid it.I enjoy good fight, I have no fear.
Please complete all the rows